2023 Looney Tunes 1oz Silver Tweety Bird

This is a playful and fun set of bullion coins produced by MDM Mint, and on behalf of Apmex. I was sent these by Martin https://www.silvertrader.uk/ so head on over to his website and pick one up today. Consider joining us on the Precious Metal Forum https://preciousmetalforum.forumotion.com/ which is a family friendly, and rapidly growing group of people World Wide !!! By watching my videos and leaving a comment and like, your supporting the forum. I do not ask and will NEVER ask you to pay for a membership. Please just remember it is a Family Friendly Forum. We have lots of resources, information and friendly mods who are only too willing to help you out. If you are hiding in the shadows and think your might not be tech capable fear not! It has been made to be simple to use. Honestly I have picked the most un tech friendly people to test it. LOL

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