2019 The Simpsons, Marge 1 oz Silver Proof Coin in acrylic display case & box


Marge, oooh Marge… I can hear her nagging away, oh wait that is my wife. D;OH . Marge is seen in a rarely seen picture of a pristine cleaned kitchen with no mess. I know a jaw dropper. She looks so happy and not tired out like in most of the cartoons. This coin is a proof and limited to 5000, The Serial number is 1696 as shown in the pictures along side and with the coin. You will receive this exact coin. I used it and shown it several times on my YouTube channel. This coin come before the Perth Mint got carried away. As with all my Simpsons collections, there might be some slight marks on the acrylic , Mainly fingerprints, but I will try my best to remove everything before shipping. The cost of Shipping within the UK has been added into the price. And if shipping abroad to the USA or Canada, there is a very small added fee at the check out. You will see this before you buy the coin. Any questions feel free to ask away. I am happy to help out.

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