Monthly Archives: April 2021

PI From Apmex with a bit of Humour

Warning I do Sing in this video, Overt your ears for god sake. But on [...]

Coat Of Arms By The Royal Mint

Featured in this video are both the 1oz and the 10oz Royal Mint Coat of [...]

1 & 10oz Valiant Reviewed

I was lucky enough to review both the 1 and 10oz Valiants side by side. [...]

This Royal Australian Mint, Coat Of Arms may surprise you!

I can say for certain that this RAM Coat of Arms surprised ME! With Exceptional [...]

Perth Mint Dragon, 1oz Rectangle Bar.

A fantastic bar to behold, I show you the New 2021 Bar and the first [...]

Zeewijk Royal Australian Mint Shipwreck 1oz Coin

Here we have the 4th and Final coin in the series. It is soo lovely [...]

10 0z Valiant By The Royal Mint

Here we have a rather chunky or novelty sized coin. Well who will complain with [...]

Robin Hood, A Royal Mistake

Please note that in this video I show the New Robin Hood coin made by [...]

Woolly Mammoth

Firstly, 10000 Mintage…. This is such a detailed coin and has me a bit speechless [...]

Galileo 1 0z Silver NEW Series

Here is a New Series that is released. You can see why I am soo [...]