Lost Wax Casting

As your aware I have been working hard to build up Ace Bullion. I have started a new method of Lost wax casting. Ask any dentist or Jeweller and they will tell you this is a pain, but can yield great results. I have been working on a few items and I plan on sending some off to be assayed this week. In time for Christmas as Gifts. I know a few are wanting to get their hands on a Turtle or Dragon. So I will do my best to contact you before the listings go up. These take a lot more time and effort to create as I am making them from scratch. Creating my own moulds, to carving wax, and then the long task of investment and finally pouring. That is the easy process !!! Then there comes the entire clean up and final touches. You will notice that the sand casted pieces are more than the graphite moulds. this is to reflect the amount of time and effort I need to put into each piece. Although you can replicate a piece, no two pieces will ever be the same. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all and I am open to requests as well. But please note that these take a significant amount of time. However if your looking for a gift keep your eyes peeled. I am trying to do more than one at any given time. Thank you. ACE.

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