2oz Silver Ultra High Relief Chameleon

Niue Island 2023 – Chameleon 2 oz Silver HR is the first coin in the “Representatives of the Species” series, depicting the most extraordinary animals. The coin, created in cooperation between Mint of Poland and Germania Mint, is presented in sustainable packaging, made only from natural and ecological components: cardboard, paper, wood and linen.

The design features an image of a chameleon, a reptile that has piqued the curiosity of scientists and nature lovers for centuries. It can change its body color, which allows it to adapt to its surroundings to protect itself from predators or attract the attention of the opposite sex.

The Niue Island 2023 – Chameleon 2 oz Silver HR coin will be issued in an edition of 500 specially ennobled pieces, along with a Certificate of Authenticity and sustainable packaging.

2023 Chameleon 2oz High Relief Coloured Silver Bullion Round

Manufacturer: Germania Mint
 45 mm
Weight (grams): 
Mintage: 500

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