I bought a FAKE, HH-CM01 Kaya Cast

I bought a fake Kaya Cast machine trying to save myself about £150. I was not aware that it was fake until After it arrived. I am not chasing this up with PayPal who have been great. However I also have been in touch with the manufactures of Kaya Cast and they are on my side. The can not guarantee if this is safe to use and they sadly are battling against a China fake market. With over 20 cease and desist letters being sent out all over China, this looks to be a major breach. One would assume Border Force would prevent these fakes but sadly not. Border force are slightly pre occupied with other things. What those are I have no clue. Anyway please watch this vide and support the REAL Kaya Cast ( Arbe Kaya Cast ) who manufacture these products. The fake version I have will hopefully be sent off to the UK branch and tested to see if it is safe or not. I can already confirm that the handle is rubbish and it is only a matter of time before that snaps. If you do want a Kaya Cast and your in the UK please use https://www.cousinsuk.com/sku/details/casting/c52075 I am not receiving any funds for recommending this company and I am not being sponsored by Kaya Cast. The USA Link is https://www.arbemachine.com/View/Kaya-Cast-Vacuum-Casting-Machine It would be nice if you said that Ace Bullion sent you though.

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