I started Ace Bullion ® in 2018 as a very small hobby. I decided to make it more official by ensuring that I had a unique first ever seen Hallmark designed and made from the Edinburgh Assay Office. This led to making the decision to trademark my brand with the assistance of a friend.

I started off using a small furnace for pouring and then quickly was blessed to receive a larger one from a supporter and friend. My entire business has been all about honesty and customer service. As there are many other silver pourers across the globe, I wanted to stamp and establish my brand and name for the sake of showing quality and keeping with my ethos of being approachable.

Ace Bullion is still a hobby and perhaps one day might be a fully functional business providing I can get my 2 boys more interested. But I do enjoy the banter, the community of which has made Ace Bullion exactly what it is today.

My customers demand quality and professionalism, along with my sometimes-blunt honesty. I would rather say no than to delay a customer from getting something they might want.

I have been working on several projects which is always fun, but am able to provide you with things no other can offer. I suggest contacting me if you do have a idea or suggestion, I am open to feedback.

I want to ensure you that customer service is my priority, and unique pieces are made. There are plenty of things to watch out for and I would suggest signing up to both my YouTube account and also my News Letter to stay informed.

Thank you,

Jon aka Ace Bullion

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