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He provides nothing but a 5 star service to his customers…..

Can you make a one off item for me, and how much will it cost?
Yes I can make one off items, I do this on a regular basis. The cost will vary depending on the time and Silver that it takes to make. Please use the contact me for a quote and I will happily try to assist you.
Can I buy a item that is not Hallmarked?
Yes you can but it would be sold as White Metal or Bullion. If I am making a bar 10oz or 1 Kilo they are all sold as Bullion. But the law states that anything not made of bullion and is sold in the UK must be hallmarked. This protects you as a consumer and provides the quality assurance the Edinburgh assay office offers.
How can I be part of Ace Bullion?
Firstly thank you for your interest and desire to help me grow into more than a hobby. I run a Youtube channel under jonrms. I have 2 tiers of supporters which help provide coin reviews and also featuring my products. You can click on the link to join up and get access to content that others do not see. It also helps because you can have a voice in what I might do next.
Is Poured silver an investment? And should I buy it?
I always suggest to my customers that Poured silver is a piece of art. Apart from buying bullion bars, it is something that I strongly advise my customers to stay away from if starting off. Why? Because poured silver is not for everyone, unlike a generic 1oz round or Maple etc. I always suggest having your “ Base “ stack set up first then building on that. And if you do like something then yes buy it. But please ensure it bears a hallmark and not just a 999 stamp anyone can buy. The Assay office does not accept sub standard metal and will not give you a 999 hallmark without fully testing it.

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