2022 Hallmarked items now in stock.

Check out the shop to see all the latest products on offer. There are a lot of unique pieces. I hope you enjoy the short. The elephant is sold, as are the Bern leaf’s as I call them. I named them after the customer who requested them. As you can see my new Hallmark with the letter X is now showing. I am really happy and have been very busy this year trying out a new technique called lost wax casting. It has been a epic struggle to make up my own set up. Luckily I had help from a customer and friend with part of my setup. And learning the ancient art of lost wax casting, and investment pouring was a lot of fun. In fact it is something I am doing more of. Graphite and sandcasting are ok, but once perfected I can produce high street quality items more easily and in quantity. I am sure they will still have unique imperfections, but I always strive for perfection. Thank you all for supporting me on YouTube and also my website. This is a hobby that gives me a reason to struggle through the daily pain. And I am humbled to have you all here supporting me. ACE.

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